Intro to Music Course

5 x 30 minute weekly lessons

Picking up an instrument for the first time and don't know where to begin? This course was made for you! Perfect for our mini-musos and absolute beginners, this course gives you a real taster on your chosen instrument and sets you up nicely to move onto our group or 1-2-1 lessons. It's also super affordable!

Beginner Blues Guitar Workshop

Workshop runs in January, April, July & October

6 x 60 minute weekly lessons

The perfect workshop for those starting out on their blues guitar journey. Suitable for either electric or acoustic guitar, we run workshops for both. Some basic knowledge of open chords would be great, but not essential. We will cover the basics including the blues shuffle, dominant 7 chords and single note riffs, how blues songs are generally structured, as well as an intro into the pentatonic scale shapes and blues improvisation. The best thing about this course is jamming and playing with other musicians at the same level as you.

Intermediate Blues Guitar Workshop

Workshop runs in February, May, August & November

6 x 60 minute weekly lessons

These workshops are perfect for those who already have a bit of experience playing blues guitar. We will look at playing barre chord shapes, chord extensions, and improvising over chord changes. We'll also delve into jazzing up our blues, looking at some basic 2-5-1s, and exploring some interesting turnarounds. The perfect course for really furthering your knowledge and understanding of blues guitar.